Searsville Reservoir and Felt Reservoir support high densities of fishes, most of which are non-native game species such as largemouth bass, black crappie, sunfish, and catfish. Neither Searsville Reservoir nor Felt Reservoir provide habitat for native aquatic species of conservation concern due to the presence of bullfrogs and abundance of non-native fishes. There are some roach, sculpin, hitch, and trout in the reservoirs, but the vast majority of fish in each are non-natives. However, prickly sculpins are common in Felt Reservoir, western toads reproduce exceedingly well in Felt Reservoir, and both Searsville Reservoir and Felt Reservoir provide habitat for water fowl and foraging areas for bats. Felt Reservoir and Searsville Reservoir are also used by both migratory and resident birds. Freshwater mussels (likely California or Oregon floaters) are present in Felt Reservoir. Non-native Chinese mystery snails are abundant in Felt Reservoir.

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